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2016 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix: Thursday Press Conference

DRIVERS: Pascal Wehrlein (Manor) Max VERSTAPPEN (Toro Rosso) Romain GROSJEAN (Haas) Felipe MASSA (Williams) Nico ROSBERG (Mercedes) Fernando ALONSO (McLaren)   PRESS CONFERENCE Fernando, we have to start with you: three times a winner here in Bahrain, but clearly we have to deal with the accident in Melbourne and the aftermath. You aren’t racing here […]

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Weather Report for the 2016 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix

It almost never rains in the desert. Bahrain surprised us this week when we saw rain at the track. But this rain will be short lived and we can expect sunny and warm weather for the rest of the race weekend. Temperatures will remain in the mid twenties with sun all weekend round.

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Fernando Alonso Yas Marina Preview Quotes

Alonso Not Cleared to Race in Bahrain

McLaren driver Fernando Alonso has not been cleared to race the Bahrain Grand Prix by the FIA medical team. Following his crash at the Australian Grand Prix Alonso underwent chest scans today at the Bahrain International Circuit’s Medical Centre where chest scans were taken and compared. The medical delegates decided that there was “insufficient resolution […]

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F1 2016: Bahrain GP Preview – Bahrain Battle Between Merc & Ferrari

Formula 1 has long been known as a sport that is both complicated and the technical supreme of motorized sport. This and the allure of speed and victory and glamour is what draw millions of fans to it. But recently the sport, which celebrates more than six decades of existence, has been anything but glorious. […]

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Broadcast Times for the 2016 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix

With the season opener behind us, teams fly across the Indian Ocean to Bahrain for the Bahrain Grand Prix and round 2 of the Formula 1 World Championship. The Bahrain International Circuit is situated south of the Island State’s capital. Built on an old camel farm, the Grand Prix circuit layout features 15 corners with […]

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Watch: Brembo Brake Facts – Bahrain Grand Prix

Grand Prix of Bahrain – Hardest Braking Point The hardest braking point on the Bahrain International Circuit lies ahead of turn 1. The F1 driver has to brake hard, slowing down by 271 km/h over 156 metres. 2,233 kW of energy are released in the process. The driver is subjected to 5.3 g, yet at […]

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Another Tweak to F1 Qualifying on the Cards

After the failure that was the new F1 qualifying format, an immediate call was made by fans and drivers to revert back to the old style qualifying before the new regulations. Credit to the F1 management and the FIA. They actually listened. But it might not be that simple. Nothing ever is in F1. There […]

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GPDA Calls for Change to F1 Management

The Grand Prix Drivers Association (GPDA) has today released a statement on Wednesday calling for the change to the management of Formula 1. Speaking on behalf of the drivers, Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel and GPDA Chairman Alex Wurz released a statement saying that that the some rule changes have been “disruptive” and “do not address […]

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Pirelli Reveals Bahrain Grand Prix Tyre Sets For Drivers

Pirelli have revealed the chosen tyre sets each driver has made for the up coming Bahrain Grand Prix.

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F1 2016: Australian GP Review – Rosberg Wins Frenetic Season-opener

After Saturday’s new qualifying format was unilaterally panned as farcical and anti-climatic F1 needed to bounce back quickly. It did so with an action packed Australian grand prix. Naturally, before the start of any race several scenarios run through your mind, all them which include some situation that will spice up the race from the […]

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2017 Brazillian GP Broadcast Times

Free Practice 1Friday 03:00Friday 09:00Friday 11:00Friday 13:00
Free Practice 2Friday 07:00Friday 13:00Friday 15:00Friday 17:00
Free Practice 3Saturday 04:00Saturday 10:00Saturday 12:00Saturday 14:00
QualifyingSaturday 07:00Saturday 13:00Saturday 15:00Saturday 17:00
RaceSunday 07:00Sunday 13:00Sunday 15:00Sunday 17:00

2017 Drivers Championship

1 Lewis Hamilton 🏆331
2 Sebastian Vettel265
3 Valtteri Bottas244
4 Daniel Ricciardo192
5 Kimi Raikkonen163
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