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Singapore GP Organizers Stick To Grand Prix Schedule

Singapore Grand Prix organizers are goingahead with the Singapore Grand Prix schedule and have no plans to change the racing and entertainment program.

This comes after reports on Monday that the city-state was covered in a dense cloud of smog which limited visibility. The smog is a result of farmers in Indonesia burning parts of the forest to make way for their plantations.

On Monday the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) was between 127 – 146, in the low to mid sections of the Unhealthy range”. The unhealthy range is 101-200.

The organizers of the Singapore Grand Prix released a statement on Tuesday saying that the Grand Prix will proceed as planned.

“Based on the current PSI levels, there are no plans to amend the published racing and entertainment programme,” read the statement.

The statement goes on to say that because of the changeable conditions, it is hard to predict PSI levels.

“The haze situation is highly changeable not only from day to day, but from hour to hour.

“Therefore, it is currently not possible to reliably predict what the PSI level might be over the race weekend.

“We will continue to work closely with all the relevant government authorities to receive the best possible forecasts when they are available.”

N95 masks have been made available to ticket holders and will be available at at the Circuit at cost price.

The 20:00 update from the National Environmental Agency in Singapore put the 24hr PSI index at 130-161, in the low to mid sections of the Unhealthy range.

According to the NEA, the 24 hour PSI forecast is expected to be in the the mid to high sections of the Unhealthy range and it could enter the very unhealthy range if denser haze clouds are blown in from Sumatra.



Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons: Jacklee


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