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Penalties After the Monaco Grand Prix

Once again the Monaco Grand Prix lived up to expectations of being one of the most exciting races to watch this season.

Lewis Hamilton drove probably one of the toughest races in his career to take the victory. Daniel Ricciardo on the other hand will need some time to come to terms that his win was taken away from him.

The race, as with any race in Monaco, was not without incident. There were a few naughty boys around the track which inevitably led to the stewards having a busier afternoon than usual.

Pascal Wehrlein

Manor Racing’s Pascal Wehrlein was handed two 10-second time penalties and two, 2-point additions to his super license. The first penalty was for not “staying above the minimum time set by the FIA ECU under the virtual safety car.” and the second one was for ignoring blue flags. \

monaco-kvyatDaniil Kvyat

After electrical trouble at the start and being a lap down Toro Rosso’s Daniil Kvyat was eager to make up the time and in his haste ended up crashing into the right side of Kevin Magnussen’s Renault into Turn 18. Kvyat dived down the inside into a gap that was only going to get smaller. He and Magnussen ended up in the barriers. Both drivers retired from the race.

Kvyat was handed a 3-place grid penalty at the next race which is the Canadian Grand Prix and 2-points on his license.

“The driver of Car 26[Kvyat], with two small collisions, left front (car 26)/rear right (car 20)[Magnussen], effectively created an overtaking space which in reality would not have been there if the collision had not occurred,” said a statement by the stewards.

monaco-sauberMarcus Ericsson

Sauber’s Marcus Ericsson made contact with his team mate Felipe Nasr after. Slower than his team-mate, Nasr was asked to let Erisson through. Nasr questioned the instruction at first. Frustrated behind his team mate Erisccon launched down the inside taking himself and his team mate out of the race.

The stewards decision was short and to the point. “Car 9 collided with car 12 in Turn 18″,” it read. Ericsson was handed a 3-place grid penalty at the next race and 2-points on his license. After the Monaco Grand Prix incident Ericsson is not on 6-points for the 12 month period.

Williams’ Valtteri Bottas was given a 10-second time penalty after the race for his contact with Haas’ Esteban Gutierrez at Turn 18. 

Hamilton was under investigation for closing the gap on Daniel Ricciardo in the battle for the lead at the Chicane after the Tunnel. Hamilton had to cut the chicane going a bit too deep on the brakes while defending. Ricciardo saw the chance and went around the outside at the exit of the chicane. Hamilton moved over and shut the door on Ricciardo. No further action was taken by the stewards.

monaco-kimi-outKimi Raikkonen got out of shape in his Ferrari into the hairpin and clipped the barrier. After the contact with the barrier his front wing became lodged under his car. He proceeded to drive with his wing for a while hoping that it would work its way loose. He eventually retired the car at the chicane exit road after the Tunnel.

No Further action was taken by the stewards because Ferrari were able to prove Raikkonen drove to stop in a safe place.

“The driver, in evidence, stated that he thought initially that he could safely proceed to the pits to replace the nose. Radio messages confirm this,” said the decision statement by the stewards.

“The Team advised the driver that he needed to stop the car as soon as possible. The driver stated that he wanted to stop the car in a safe place and the first available place was the runoff area at Turn 10.”

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