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Grid Drops Expected for McLaren Duo

Both Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne are expected to take massive grid penalties going into the Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend.

Honda plans to fit an updated MGU-H to both their cars and would mean that both drivers take on new turbochargers. Both drivers will incur a 15-place grid penalty for the new turbo since it’s the 6th new turbo of the season.

Vandoorne will suffer the brunt of the penalties. Honda say that they will replace his power unit except for the control electronics and energy store after the second practice session. A further PU change is planned which will mean Vandoorne will take another 15-place grid penalty for a 7th MGU-H.

Alonso will take his 4th, and final allocated engine for the season after his DNF in Canada.

When asked if the changes will bring about some much needed reliability to the PU Vandoorne could say for certain.

“Difficult to say, to be honest,” said Vandoorne to journalist at the Thursday Press Conference.

“I think it’s probably more a question for Honda. I don’t think there’s many new introductions this weekend, so I don’t think it will be too different.”

While he was unable to say if reliability would improve, Vandoorne knew coming into the weekend that Alonso and himself would incur penalties this weekend.

“We have some penalties already to start the weekend, which isn’t ideal, but it’s the situation we’re in, so we’ll try our best, focus maybe a bit more on race runs, and hopefully we can play a bit during the race,” Vandoorne added.

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