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Max Verstappen Q&A

Max Verstappen

All eyes were on Max Verstappen heading into Spain following his surprise promotion from Toro Rosso to Red Bull. 18yr old Verstappen put in a stellar performance during Saturday’s Spanish Grand Prix qualifying session. Max finished in fourth place with team mate Daniel Ricciardo only narrowly beating him.

Q: Max, did you envision starting this race from the second row when you got promoted to Red Bull Racing?

Max Verstappen: How can you expect something like that? But believe me: I am happy how it turned out – that’s for sure! (laughs)

Q: Then to ask in a different way: did you expect to be so quick – that the car would be so fast and that you would have such a super weekend without any difficulties transitioning?

Max Verstappen: To be honest, I did not know what to expect. And what happened – and how it happened was super positive! (laughs)

Q: In the way that qualifying unfolded, did you believe that you would beat Daniel (Ricciardo), your team mate?

Max Verstappen:: I really never thought about beating him or anything like that. I was fully concentrating on how the car behaved and enjoying every single lap when I realised that it runs so super smooth! To know that we are competitive and that we are fine and without any issues – that was all I had on my mind. I believe it is good for the team that we saw today that Daniel and I can push each other. That should be a good signal for the future.

Q: You were faster than Daniel in Q1 and Q2, but dropped back in Q3. Do you have any explanation for that? Was it not in the car or just not a perfect lap?

Max VerstappenMax Verstappen:  It is my first qualifying for Red Bull Racing so it is in no way about ‘the perfect lap’! I am just happy with the progress I am making. Every time over the weekend I got into the car I felt better and that is all that matters.

Q: Do you feel that it is a big step up from Toro Rosso to Red Bull Racing?

Max Verstappen: Ha, you can clearly see it in the lap times. It was just a super positive feeling, but I am also aware that I have to find the limits step by step.

Q: Was it your limit today?

Max Verstappen: It was clearly not the limit – but I am satisfied in how qualifying went today. Rome wasn’t built in one day! (laughs)

Q: From the pace you’ve seen in the car today – and also probably from the lack of pace at Ferrari – is there the podium on your mind?

Max Verstappen: I will now focus on the race and not start dreaming! What will happen will happen…

Q:…but do you expect some hiccups, as the procedures are different at Red Bull Racing than at Toro Rosso?

Max VerstappenMax Verstappen: I will find that out in the race. It will definitely be an interesting learning curve!

Q: History has shown that your races tend to go sink or swim. Will you mentally prepare differently for tomorrow?

Max Verstappen: No, not at all. Isn’t it my style to go about races in the style that brought me here?

Q: When you and Daniel get close in the race will you fight him as hard as you fought Carlos (Sainz) in the past?

Max Verstappen: How would I know now? I would have to imagine all kinds of scenarios – and to be honest my time is too precious for that.

Q: Were you surprised that both Red Bull cars are in front of Ferrari?

Max Verstappen: I am not surprised – just thankful. We had great pace today. And if it stays that way in the race I will even be more thankful!

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