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April Start for 2016 Formula 1 Season

The 2016 Formula 1 season is set to kick off on 03 April 2016 with the Australian Grand Prix which will be back to back with the Chinese Grand Prix. This is the latest start to a Formula 1 season since 1988.

The Australian Grand Prix organizers announced on Wednesday that they have been given a date of 3 April 2016 for the Grand Prix in Melbourne. This new date will see an earlier race start and will move to a more time slot for Australian viewers. It will also mean an earlier start for European audiences as daylight savings will take effect.

“It’s fantastic that Melbourne will again play host to the opening round of the FIA Formula One World Championship,” said the Australian Grand Prix Corporation CEO, Andrew Westacott.

“Over the past 20 years Melbourne has become synonymous with the start of a new Formula One season, and we look forward to again welcoming all the teams and drivers to our great city in 2016,” Westacott added.

“The new date will see an earlier start time, and fans can expect the same great on-track action and off-track entertainment across the four days.”

This announcement was a rather unexpected one and some are saying that this will point to a more condensed F1 calendar. There is speculation as to why FOM are pushing for such a condensed F1 calendar. One theory is that the new condensed calendar will reduce down time between races and could reduce travel costs for teams who return to their respective bases between races.

There are quite a few more theories as to why the announcement was made so early on in the season. As we’ve mentioned, there’s the cost element. Then there’s the thorny issue of TV audiences. A more condensed race calendar would keep the audiences interested for longer and they would have something to look forward to every weekend. The other reason is that FOM are trying to include more races in a season to take it beyond 20 races in a season.

The provisional calendar will be released by the FIA in due course. Until then its a guessing game as to what will happen next. Silly season is off to an early start.



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